Warehouse 89% off Special $2 each! Case of 24 Books for only $48

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$2.00 each while they last, out of the publisher's warehouse, still in the original box.  24 Copies of Book 2, "Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith," for just $48 plus media mail shipping. Here are a few reasons to act quickly:

  • Make Dave Ramsey proud. Spend $48 and have Christmas and birthday presents for the year!
  • Donate the books to your church or school.  There is a free PDF on the website for teachers to use in class.
  • Use the books as a unit study for your home school group and the same free PDF on-line.
  • Start a children's book club and provide the first book for free to those who attend.
  • Donate the books to your local children's hospital or inner-city reading program.  My non-profit charity, Character-4-Kids, does this all over the United States.
  • Use the book as a fund raiser for your church, home school group or extra-curricular group.  Big profits in buying the books for $2.00 each and selling them for whatever price you choose.  Plus they are healthier for you than cookines, popcorn and candy bars that are the typical fund raisers!
  • Keep the box in the back of your car and give them away when you run into families, friends and kids who you think would enjoy them.

Don't delay, I moved the boxes from the publisher's warehouse to a temporary location but they are priced to ship out now and be where you want them in time for Christmas if necessary.

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Price $48.00